Brian Chapman

Academic Contractor and Pianist

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A Revisionist View of Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata

Research paper and Lecture-Recital presented at APPC 2015

Audio Clips illustrating
Five Examples of Editorial Distortion in the Adagio sostenuto


Traditional rendering
Schnabel (1935)

Autograph/Urtext rendering
Chapman (2012, unpublished)
1 Tempo alla breve
Measures 1-5
2 Cantabile vs non-cantabile I
1st subject in exposition
3 Cantabile vs non-cantabile II
2nd subject in exposition and recapitulation
4 Climax of 'hairpins' in the development
Measures 28-31
5 Redistribution of 'hairpins' in the coda
Measures 62-65

1Further Audio Clips illustrating
musical relationships between movements

Chapman (2012, unpublished)

Repeated 'G sharp' motif

4-note Theme of 2nd subject in 1st movement

Dance vs 'turmoil'

Linking the 1st and 2nd movements with l'istesso tempo